Pointwork -
Marcway Pointwork
We have been producing quality pointwork for the discerning enthusiast for over 50 years, Marcway Pointwork are built to the high standards for which we are renown with techniques developed over many years. Our customers also include museums, exhibits, education, railway training etc. both in the UK and overseas. All Pointwork are very neatly handcrafted on PCB glass fibre sleepers and are rail built throughout including check rail, frogs and wing rails. The finely tapered blades fit firmly against the stock rails throwing the polarity of the live rail built frog, giving self isolation, the smoothest running qualities and perfect electrical continuity. No cast or moulded parts are employed in our readybuilt pointwork and construction is very robust making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All pointwork are spray finished black with just the rail surfaces polished for a prototype appearance.
Custom Pointwork
We construct to order and type of pointwork or formation you may require in almost any gauge. Over the years we have built almost every possible type of point, crossing, junction or formation including dual gauge narrow and broad gauge etc. As well as the norm sleepers can be laid to the desired width and spacing for specialist requirement. We carry a large range of rails and sleepers in stock enabling us to commence construction without delays. Special pointwork are usually drawn up on a project board, laid out and constructed to your requirement. Either send a sketch or a full size plan of your required pointwork for a quotation , giving your telephone number if possible or simply telephone Marc Weaver on 01709 542951 ( +44 1709 542951 ) British daytime hours please from outside UK) to discuss your requirements, quote or technical information.
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